Mostra de Cinema Brasileiro em Viena

March 2018


About us;

We want to identify and distribute the highest quality of Brazilian film and video production.

Inform the public and attract the attention of the media and institutions that work in the audiovisual production industry in Central Europe.

Convene distinguished directors, producers, distributors, personalities and specialists, both local and international.

Promote and articulate initiatives directed towards the development of policies and projects intended to increase, both in quantity and quality, the areas of work available to artists in the latin american, especially, the Brazilian region.

Hold touring exhibitions in diverse cultural public spaces.


Would you like to join us and participate in a collaborative environment, entering our production team?

Magt ihr mitmachen? Wir machen alles gemeinsam und zusammen! Werde Teil der Produktion unserer Filmschau!

Se você quer participar da Mostra como voluntário, dentro de nossa equipe colaborativa de produção, nos contate!

(Contact us!)